Promise House

The Promise House series is a quartet of novellas set in the Houston Heights in the 1950’s. The first two stories, Caroline and Ruth, are now released!

Evelyn and Barbara will follow in Spring 2017. And Anastasia’s (Mrs. Denson’s) story will be released as a free gift to readers who join my mailing list.

Pages: 89
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For most of us, it’s easy to choose between a right and a wrong. But what if you had to choose between two “rights”?

This is the conundrum for Caroline Richards, a young woman who knows exactly what she is called to do: Follow in her father’s footsteps to become a Bible translator in Africa. And in 1955, she’s on her way to do just that.

But then life offers her an unexpected alternative calling when she takes on a temporary position teaching English to adult immigrants. It’s a path that might be closer to what she longs for. One that fills an ache she hadn’t realized she carried.

Should she choose to continue her father’s legacy of service or pursue this new mission of service she’s just discovered?

Is there a right choice and a wrong choice? And how can she tell the difference?

Pages: 98
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Six years ago, Ruth Kirkpatrick’s life was changed when Jimmy Grace, the quintessential bad boy, kissed her behind a Galveston Beach concession stand — right in the middle of a church youth group outing.

Unprepared for her very physical reaction to the kiss, this minister’s daughter suppressed her feelings immediately – and good thing, too, for he abruptly left town the following week under mysterious circumstances. And though she was sure she could put him out of her thoughts, he still annoyingly crossed her mind from time to time over the years…

But when he returns to the Heights in 1956 — in the last role she would have suspected — Ruth discovers he’s upending not just her heart, but her ideas about herself, the nature of forgiveness, and the world around her.

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I hope you enjoy the journeys of these very special women as they navigate the trials, tribulations, and societal expectations, and become who they were always meant to be.