About Me

Here’s the obligatory About Me information:

  • Born in Alabama, raised in Tennessee, living in Texas.
  • Started writing as soon as I could get words on a Big Chief tablet.
  • Got over-educated as a poet/fiction writer in a graduate creative writing program.
  • Discovered poets don’t make any money, so became a technical writer.
  • Sold four action/adventure novels to Silhouette. Three were published before the line closed. Am thinking about self-publishing the fourth.



  • Once rode a bicycle nearly 1000 miles through southern California (and no, climbing 7% grades in the mountains on a Cannondale touring bike weighing around 90 pounds is not fun).
  • Fenced for a semester in college.
  • Lived on a motoryacht for 7 years in a marina in southeast Texas.
  • Have a cat that does tricks like a dog. Videos forthcoming.
  • Attempt to work the word “Jasper” into every novel I write. Because it sounds funny.
  • Am currently working on three novels at once.


Need more information? It’s doubtful, but if you do, shoot me a question.